Happy new year (and other greetings)!

Hi friends!

So, other than photo updates I haven't been one to blog in quite a long time. Back when I used to blog a lot, I didn't put a lot of consideration into what I should and should not post. I've taken a really long break to sharing our day-to-day, my feelings, and thoughts.

Lately I've been thinking about getting back into blogging, but don't quite know where I fit in as a "blogger." I still don't know if I fit in somewhere, and if I do... where that is.

Either way, here's what I've been up to!

Essential oils... Last summer I discovered essential oils, Young Living to be exact. For me, this is tough with Greg in the house because he teases me about it... calls it my "woo woo, magic," what have you. He's a paramedic, hence he believes in Western medicine. Despite the fact that he and I both sleep better when I diffuse my lavender, cedar wood, or Stress Away, he still insists it's a bunch of hooey. I beg to differ. I honestly can't think of the last time I took any pills. If I get a headache, I use my oils. If I'm having trouble sleeping, I use my oils. If the boys need help winding down for the evening, I use my oils. And if the house smells like last night's dinner or I left a load of laundry in the wash that was forgotten, I USE MY OILS!

Breastfeeding... Colin is now two years and two months old and he is "still" nursing three times a day. First off, I never thought I would be nursing a walking, talking, mouth-full-o-teeth kid, two year-old. If you had told me, when Colin was an infant, that I'd be nursing his past two years old, I probably would've disagreed with you, BUT here we are. I remember when a male family member said to me "at some point, women nursing past a certain child's age are only doing it for themselves." I kindly disagreed and said "well, when you have breasts, you can have an educated opinion, but you don't." I'm sorry, but I'm NOT still nursing Colin for myself (yes it's healthy for my body and decreases my chances of developing breast cancer, but it's still good for him too, physically and mentally). Do you think I'd like someone else to put him to bed at night? Or for a nap? Don't even say "well it's your fault your nursed him to sleep and no one else can put him to bed," because I'll agree with you! Granted, he will now go to sleep without "mama milk" for others, but there's something about denying him something he asks for at sleepy time. It's tough and I don't know how to say "no." Oh well, you live and learn. If we ever have Moore Baby #3, that kid is getting at least one bottle a day of pumped milk!

Speaking of doing things for others... I am finally taking care of myself! After three years of neglecting my physical health, I am on the road to being fit, active, and healthy, but I'll continue that in another post.


Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. -Dr. Seuss

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