My nana came to visit me!

Last week my nana came to visit me!

We went for walks a lot. It was really hot out!

Nana gave me my bath every night! I liked that!
 We had a photo shoot outside and took pictures for daddy's first Father's Day present.

 We played a lot on my mat.... sometimes I wasn't in the best of moods!

 Other times, I was! Mommy got me these brand new blocks at Once Upon a Child for $6!

We went to the mall. Nana and I sat and watched as mommy had some Red Mango frozen yogurt. I had a nibble, but didn't like how cold it was.

We went to Pottery Barn Kids and we found a chair that was just my size!

 We went to the pool since it was so hot out! Well, mommy and I went in the pool, but nana sat out because it was too cold for her!

 We went to the Orchard at Town Centre and listened to an Eagles cover band. They were great! There were lots of people out and kids running around everywhere!

Nana took me to Grandrabbit's Toy Shoppe and got me a Sohpie!!! I love her! She also got me a little hand and foot teether. They smell like a Cabbage Patch Doll face!


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  1. Looks like you had a great visit. Must have been nice to spend so much time with her. Really can't wait to meet you in September. I'll be living in Monterey by then. :)