Our bean.

So we had our first sonogram.

The baby measured a week younger than what the doc originally thought and so my due date has been changed to the 23rd of November.

I don't think I'm that far behind, but the tech that did our sonogram seemed like an idiot... who knows if the bimbo got an accurate measurement.

We got to hear the heartbeat and it was amazing! It was at 130 bpm and she said that it was normal this early. It was SO cool though.

I was wondering why I was feeling most of my cramping on the right side only; Well, according to the tech, I have a "corner-dweller." Ha. No wonder I'm cramping on one side.

The biggest bummer of all was only getting one picture. CHEAP and LAME! Oh well, it's our Bean or our little Potsticker! ;)

Here's wishing, hoping, and praying we make it to the "12-week" mark!!!


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