The countdown has begun!!!

We don't have to wait four weeks!

Only two days short of three week and we will hopefully know (with the help of a cooperating and un-modest baby) if we're having a boy or girl!!!

I am SO excited!!!

I forgot to add that my appointment went well (minus waiting 45 minutes to see the doctor). She said that the top of my uterus is where it should be (the fundus) and I got to hear the heartbeat on the doppler. The rate today was 150 bpm... Sorry, she wouldn't let me record it... not even the sound! 

I've been looking for a heartbeat monitor (doppler) for at home, for in between doctor's visits, but I haven't found one I'm willing to spend a ton of money on.

Any suggestions from someone who has one or has used one before?


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  1. EEEE!!! You're back! AND PREGGERS!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

    I have no good baby advice, but I'm so very happy for you both, and I look forward to reading about this journey. :)

    (PS: I just used up the world's exclamation quota for today. Sorry, world.)

  2. Can't wait to find out what you're having. Also excited that you and Nicole find out on the same day.

  3. @Kristan I know... I'm back and with a baby on the way! Big changes! Glad you found me here!

    @Seattle Socialite So, are you going to change your Google name since you're moving? J/K. I can't believe that your's, Sabrina's, and Tiff's time in Washington is ending. Wow! And about baby gender, I can't believe Nicole and I get to find out the same day. She gets to find out really early in the morning, my appointment isn't until 3:45 MST. I'm so excited though! I hope the baby is cooperative. I'm going to drink a little regular soda before hand to get him/her moving! ;)

  4. can you imagine people go their entire pregnancy becuase they want it to be a surprise the suspense must be killing themmmm! I think its going to beeeee a boy i ave a feeling for you

  5. Hey you! I had a doppler thingy.. you can get one at babiesrus.. look on their website! I wish I still had mine ..I would just send it your way! I can't wait to find out what your having..