Sorry, it's been OVER A MONTH!!!

So I started this blog, oh, A WEEK AGO! Actually on Monday the 25th, so not quite a week, but still sad!

So here's what I had written while at work...

Okay – so it’s been a MONTH since I last blogged (I know Greg posted one of the pictures he took of me the other day and needs to post the rest). Sheesh… quite the break in blogging.

I guess the reason I haven’t blogged is because things have been so uneventful. With the exception of accumulating lack of sleep each night because my belly is heavy and my hips feel like they’re on fire or because one of my arms is asleep, things have been the same.

Baby C has been getting the hiccups about two-three times a day. According to different Google searches, this is because he is practicing breathing! He’s been “vertex” or head down now for as long as I can remember, so I don’t think he’ll be switching to breech as I can tell his living quarters are quite cramped. Two weeks ago at my last appointment I weighed in at a total weight gain of 12.5 pounds. Seeing that Baby C can now gain a half pound per week (and that I’m starting to swell a little bit), we’ll see where I weigh in at tomorrow’s appointment.

Speaking of appointments, tomorrow is my last “two-week” appointment. In the beginning you go for appointments every four weeks. Then, you start going every two. Starting at 36 weeks (which is where we’re at tomorrow!), you start going ONCE a week. I can’t believe that as of tomorrow, we will begin our one-month/four week countdown. I still think that my due date is closer to the 16th-19th, but I guess we’ll see!

This week I also went to see the cardiologist. Because I have mitral valve prolapse and hadn’t had it checked in… 13 years, the midwives wanted me to get an echo cardiogram and EKG done. I went on Friday after work, and while my leaky valve is still leaky, the doctor thought everything looked good otherwise.

The nursery is ready minus us not having a changing pad for the changing table yet. Why? I don’t know! We’ve been to Target a hundred times and haven’t grabbed one. I even have the cover for it. It matches the bedding, color wise, and is made out of the minky fabric. It’s so soft! I’m sure there are things that once Baby C is here and we’re home, I will realize I need. I guess when the time gets here… it’s not more than a five-minute drive away.

What’s not ready? My hospital bag. I figure I will have the time to put it together. I have a checklist ready, I just don’t feel like putting the bag together. I do need to go to Target to get a trial size shampoo, conditional, lotion, deodorant, toothpaste, Gatorades, honey sticks, etc., but otherwise, I have everything else. I enjoy the thought of not having to wear a hospital gown to deliver in. At Boulder Community, you can deliver is whatever you like (for the most part). I wanted to buy a Binsi skirt and asked the midwives about it, only to have the give me one. Granted it’s used, but it’s clean and it will work. It saved me $50! Top wise, they said I can wear a sports bra and tank top. How great is that. I don’t have to have my butt to the wind!

This weekend I took the time to sew a nursing cover. It’s a nice bright green (my favorite color) with white mums all over it. It saved me $25 or so from buying one (cost me $12 + tax to sew) and I’m making one for my friend Ana too. Greg calls it the “boob apron” or a “titkerchief,” what a clever mind. Hahaha.

I expressed to Greg a couple weeks ago that I was concerned that I don’t feel “bonded” to Baby C. Some pregnant women talk about being bonded and so “in love” with their unborn babies. I was looking to feel these same things and wasn’t, and thus was disappointed and a little concerned. It takes a conscious effort for me to look down and say “Baby C is in there,” and not just “I’ve got a big, wiggling, squirming belly.” I’m sure this may sound horrible, but it’s just weird to think that there is a HUMAN BEING in there. Sounds weird too, right? I have no doubt that after he arrives I’ll be completely smitten with my little one, but for now, it’s hard.

I can’t wait to see what he looks like. I still have my fingers crossed that he gets Greg’s blue eyes. I carry a recessive gene somewhere for blue eyes, but I think Greg carries one for brown. So, we’re still left at 50/50. Our friends little boys both got their mom’s blue eyes and dad has brown eyes, so there’s a chance. I wonder who’s features he’s going to have or if certain things (like his nose or eye shape) will be a combination of the two of us. I’m starting to get really anxious.

In a week Baby C will be full term and could arrive any time. I’m hoping he comes somewhere between 37 and 40 weeks. I really  don’t want a late baby, but that seems to be the trend.

So, veteran mommies, what advice can you leave me here? Did you have a “natural” birth? Would you do it again? Did you plan of having a “medicated” birth? Did you? What did you pack in your hospital bag? What did you not bring that you wish you had? What tips do you have for the first few days home?

Follow me here - now it's Saturday morning. Call me crazy for "letting" him go, but Greg is going to a  softball tournament November 12, 13, and 14th in Las Vegas. That's 10 days before my due date. As he reminded me "things don't happen that fast" and he'll be able to get home in time if he needs to. I got nasty with him last night and told him to keep telling himself that when he's trying to get on a flight home, and can't, and misses the birth! How much will softball be worth it then? He better not miss this because of softball... GRR!

Anyway - guess what he's doing today? Oh yeah, another softball tournament! Can you tell I dislike softball??? Men's league softball. BORING! BORING! BORING!

I will not be attending.  I have one more nursing cover to sew for my friend and some matching burp cloths. I might even go to Target and get that darn changing table pad. Hahaha.

Oh well, it's 9:45 and Greg will be home from work soon. Guess I'll shower now.


Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. -Dr. Seuss


  1. Dont worry about not being bonded. When Royce came it took a minute for me to realize that holy moly....this is mine!!! I made this (I guess with help from Drew..haha) Its an amazing feeling and you dont quite FULLY grasp it till you go thru everything and then get this baby that you worked so hard to "bake" and deliver!!!

  2. It's about time! Get your blogging in now because you will be busy and exhausted in a few weeks :)

    1. Changing table - We have not used the minky cover since the first time Enzo peed on his. The plastic thing is just easier to wipe down, and you WILL be wiping it down a lot in the beginning. In the summer when he was naked and sweaty, we had a folded blanket on the top half of the pad so he wouldn't stick. Now it's just bare again. But don't let me stop you from trying out your cover... maybe you'll love it!

    2. Bonding - It's getting hard to remember but I'm pretty sure it took me at least a couple weeks after birth to realize how much I loved Enzo. I knew I loved him when he was still on the inside, and I was amazed by him as soon as he was born, but I truly, madly, deeply loved him one day when I was holding him and he smiled at me. Don't worry, it happens.

    3. Hospital bag - I mentioned this on your FB... we completely neglected to bring one of our bags (the one with my clothes and toiletries in it) and it was perfectly fine. All you need is your baby boy and his daddy who will change those heinous first poopy diapers while you sleep. I even forgot to have a hair tie and did the whole thing without it and didn't care until I wanted to wash my face later.

    4. Birth - I think I already told you about my birth but I can still say a few things. Worrying about it and fearing it will make it worse than it really is. Planning ahead is great (do you have a printed out birth plan yet?) but DO be open to changes. Remember, it's only one day (maybe two) of your life, and the pain is forgettable. Plus, look what it gets you! And if you're so dead set on a natural birth, think of it this way: if you make it long enough without medication, you won't really have a choice in the end and you'll have to go without it!

    P.S. You can do it!

  3. I have ZERO advice. As the mother of fifteen I find myself SPEECHLESS. I am just so excited for you and can't wait for him to get here. (I spy on you every now and then when I have five minutes.) Will you text me or email me when he arrives? I would LOVE it if you did. I need to send a gift too. Oh mama enjoy every single second of these days. Before you know it he will 19 and living far away and you will miss him so much it hurts!!