Dear Cameron - One Month

Dear Cameron,

Today you are one month old.

I can not believe that you blessed us with your presence, 15 days early, four weeks ago already. You are just that, a blessing.

I had no idea just how much I could love you. It's more than I ever could've imagined. I hate to hear you cry, too see the corners of your mouth turn down, or have that little bottom chin quiver. I will do anything for you.

I took you for your "one month" check-up today with Dr. Brudenell. At birth you weighed 7 lb. 3.6 oz. and were 19 in. long. At three days old, you had dropped down to 6 lb. 13 oz. Today at the doctor's office you weighed 8 lb. 14 oz. and are now 21 inches long. That means that since birth you have grown two inches and gained a pound and eleven ounces since birth, but two whole pounds in three and a half weeks! This makes me sad and happy all at once. I'm happy that you're healthy, but sad that you're growing so quickly. You are such a good eater! You will eat between four and five ounces at a time.

You sleep a lot right now. You're actually an excellent sleeper! You are also a good traveler when we go anywhere in the car!

When you're not sleeping, you're eating. You stare at daddy and I when we feed you your bottle. We talk to you and stare back into those beautiful grey eyes of yours. (Mommy's still trying to get you to breastfeed, but would rather have you be happy than make you upset trying to feed at my boob!) When we burp you, you are not a happy camper. You do not like having food taken away from you. I'm not sure if you take after me or daddy more in that aspect. One day I will tell you the story about "daddy fries." When you're up on our shoulder you squeak and squawk. You are strong! You arch your back and hold your head up. You turn your head from side to side in disapproval. Most of the time your face if turned towards mine or daddy's head and you're trying to eat our cheeks! You make your lips into a shape like you're saying "oooohhh" when you're looking for a nipple to eat. It's the cutest thing. And while you're frustrated, I can't help but turn my head and giggle at your cute face. I also love it when you breath in my ear and try to eat that too!

Your sneezes. Oh my. You are quite the sneezer and it's too funny when you do. So many times you just can't get that last sneeze out and make the cutest noise! Daddy and I laugh at you every time! You are just so cute. Last night you had a sneezing fit while I was changing your diaper and had about nine in a row, four of which didn't result in a sneeze. You had mommy laughing so hard!

You are full of noises. You would think we had a petting zoo over in your pack-n-play. Sometimes you sound like a goat. Other times you sound like a spider monkey! No matter what noise your make (minus crying), I love them all.

Hiccups. When I was pregnant with you, you always had the hiccups. Some people said they would stop after you were born and others said that they would carry over and you'd most likely continue to have them after you were born. The latter were correct. You get hiccups all the time and they make you unhappy. I feel so bad when you don't get a break from those nasty things. I wish they didn't bother you.

Your Grandpa Kitahara called you a fart monkey the other night. Why? Because you have more gas than the average bear. You definitely take after daddy in this department. You don't have little "diaper pops" like the average baby. Instead, you have full blown adult farts! I'm a little nervous about when I take you out in public because your toots sound like they could be coming from me!

Speaking of bodily functions, you officially made me a mommy multiple times when you have peed or pooped on my. I've lost count on being peed on, but you've pooped on my three times now. It's always quite the surprise and you always seem pretty happy with yourself afterwards!

I still can't believe you're four weeks old already. It makes me sad that I'll have to go back to work in eight weeks. I can't imagine not spending my day with you. I've only been away from you twice in four weeks. Once when daddy took you to the doctor and once when daddy and I took a quick trip to the DaveCo and nana watched you. We are going to one of mommy's best friend's birthday party this Friday and I'm already sad that I'll be away from your for about three hours. You will have the best surrogate grandparent taking care of you, but still, I will miss you bunches and bunches!

Cameron, I love you more than anything. You are everything to me and I can't imagine my life any other way than with you in it. Sleepless nights and you screaming in my ear make it all worth it to make you happy.

I love you sweet baby boy.



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