Before I became a mommy...

Before I became a mommy…

·         I didn’t know how hard it was to take a shower before noon.
·         I didn’t know how easy it would be for so much to become about the baby and hardly anything about you.
·         I thought getting five hours of sleep was deprivation.
·         I remembered to eat, drink, and go to the bathroom.
·         I never knew that I could love such a little person SO much.
·         I thought letting your baby cry a little was easy.
·         I didn’t realize how efficient I could be in 45 minutes.
·         I didn’t know the true meaning of an emotional roller coaster.
·         I didn’t know how much effort other relationships would require.
·         I didn’t think about what I touched with my hands before touching other things.
·         I thought being a Stay At Home Mom was easy.

Just to name a few… Okay, now go back to that last one. I THOUGHT BEING A STAY AT HOME MOM WAS EASY!!!

There are many other things I have learned in the past 15 weeks (Say what now? Where did my newborn go? I have a BABY!!!). I thought going back to work was going to be excruciatingly hard. It was going to be hard because I was away from Cameron and because I had to WORK.

My employer could not have made my transition back into the adult workforce much easier. My job roll changed, although I am in the same department, and I could not be happier. They have been above accommodating, allowing me to come in at 8am and leave when the last processing job is finished around 4pm. (I do not take a lunch because for approximately 60 minutes a day, I am a dairy factory.) This allows me to drop Cameron off at 7am and be home to pick him up by 5pm. Yes, that’s a long time, but it’s what’s got to be done.

It’s funny to admit that being at work is way EASIER than being at home with Cameron all day. At work I get to eat breakfast and lunch. I also get to go to the bathroom when I have to go. Do you hear that people? I get to go potty when I need to, whenever I want!!! I can look at my phone and check my e-mail… maybe even have a moment or two to check out Facebook and Twitter! Wow!

Being a SAHM is quite the challenge. You do not much down time and when you do, you’re being productive. Telling a new parent to “sleep when the baby sleeps” is probably the most stupid advice to give! Maybe it’s realistic if you like a God-awful messy house and have nothing better to do with your day. For me, I like to get things done when I can. I do not sleep when the baby sleeps. For those that don’t have children, of course it’s easy to take a shower if your baby is awake. Right? Because if they cry, it’s okay, it’ll only be for five minutes… maybe ten. WRONG. It’s miserable to listen to your little one cry, even if you know they’re perfectly fine and all they want is your attention. Same goes for eating and going to the bathroom. It just plain sucks to hear them cry when you know, for the most part, you can do something about it.

When you’re at home with your baby, it’s a full time job. Not a 40-hour-a-week “full time job.” But 24/7, 365 full time job, even when you’re sick. You do not get “sick days” and get to call out.

Given all this, there is no where I’d rather be than home with Cameron. I don’t care that in a blink of an eye, the day is over and has blown by with feed, burp, play, change, sleep, repeat. Sitting at my desk at work is a thousand times easier than being at home with Cameron all day.

I used to think that being a SAHM was all rainbows and cinnamon buns, easy peasy, and little “work.” Although it’s not those things, it’s not a miserable job either. I enjoy every challenging second of it.

So cross your fingers that one day, I will get the opportunity again to be a SAHM, because there isn’t a more challenging job that I’d be willing to accept.  :)


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