Dear Cameron - Month Seven

Dear Cameron,

Hi sweet baby boy. I’m sorry this is a week late. Life is busy, but that’s not a good excuse. These letters are important to me to write to you, so that one day you can look back and read them and see what a joy you were to mommy and daddy, and all of the things you achieved each month.

So, what’s happened in your seventh month of life?
You’ve had four great achievements this month. First, you’ve become an amazing sitter! You were wobbly at the beginning of the month, but could do it. Now, you’re a pro! Mommy and daddy can play with you and push you a little to each side or back a little bit and you can keep yourself up with your strong muscles!

You’ve also been growing teeth like it’s going out of style! Right now you have 3.5 on the bottom and 2.5 on the top. Your two front teeth are trying to come through right now, but the ones right outside of those have come through all the way already. You have little vampire teeth and it is SO cute! You like to occasionally bite mommy when you’re nursing and I’m not a huge fan of that. It’s a risk I’ll take to get the opportunity to continue nursing you. I love our special time together.

You started sleeping on your tummy, and at first it made mommy and daddy nervous. However, we like it now since you sleep SO MUCH BETTER!!! You’re now taking two, 2-2.5 hours naps a day! That’s a long time and allows us to get a few needed things done around the house.

Last, you’re finally an ambi-roller! Before you could/would only roll to your left! The other day you finally figured out how to roll to your right! I think it makes it a little bit easier when you’re rolling around in your crib. Now you don’t get stuck on one side and fuss for daddy and I to come and move to back to the middle. Silly kid!

I bought you a lot of toys this month. Of the $100+ I spent, you favorite is a $6 bumpy, bouncy ball from Target! That’s okay with me though. Whatever makes you happy, makes me happy.

You’re learning to enjoy a lot more foods! We’ve moved you on to stage 2 food that have blends and all sorts of different veggies and fruits. Your favorite fruit are still the Earth’s Best Apples and Blueberries and Gerber Organic Apples and Peaches. Veggie wise, you still like most everything. The other night I fed you spinach and potatoes. I smelled it and though for sure this would be the first veggie you rejected. Instead, you opened your mouth for more!!! I’m glad you’re a good eater. You’ve also found a liking to the Gerber Yogurt Melts and Baby Mum Mums. You drool and get rice cracker everywhere, but it makes you happy and I think it’s pretty cute to listen to you crunch down on things with your little teeth!

For some reason you’re afraid of bubbles and the weed-whacker (or the noise daddy and mommy imitate). You get the biggest pouty face and scream! You are quite the Sensitive Steve! Hahaha. You seem very empathetic. I’m just hoping you don’t grow up a nerdy, wimp. Sorry love, it’s true!

You are such a sweet and happy baby. Your daddy and I are so blessed to have such a wonderfully little boy in you. You’re adorable and smart and growing so quickly. I can’t believe that you’ll be a year old in less than five months! I’m looking forward to taking you to Kauai for our wedding in October, and then planning your first birthday! Mommy and daddy are debating on whether we’ll have your party here in Colorado with friends or go to California to have it with family. I guess time will tell!

Thank you for being such an amazing little guy and giving me a reason to smile every day!

You are my sunshine.



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