Catch Up In Pictures: March 2015

This month, well at the end of February, we had a "staycation" with family and friends at a beautiful home in Estes Park, CO! It was beautiful and a much needed getaway.

We went to the Butterly Pavilion with Nanni, Liz, and Isabel! Cameron held Rosie the tarantula!

Colin got his third "professional" haircut (we're not counting the two by mom!).

March 10th, Colin started perfecting his walking, finally.

Colorado, where you can have snow on the ground still and wear shorts!

Cameron learned how to swing himself this month!!! We're proud of him.

We spent a nice afternoon at The Old Mine in town.

I don't post much about it, but I should more. Colin is still breastfeeding at 15 months. I never imagined I would be nursing him after a year, but I'm glad we are. It's good for him. He finds comfort in it. On St. Patrick's Day, I decided to recreate a picture from the year before. He's just a little bit bigger a year later!

WE HAVE A WALKER!!! Colin finally started walking this month. Yay!!!

Click the picture below to see all of these moments captured in photos!


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