Little buddy..

9 months has flown by in the blink of an eye. It seems like yesterday I was rushing home from work to be with your Mom and to meet you. It seems like hours ago that I was holding you and wondering what you would be like when you did something besides sleep and poop and cry. It seems like seconds ago that you couldn't feed yourself and you couldn't figure out how to sit up.

Here I am today wondering when you'll pause and just stay as you are for a minute. You learn new things each day. You're quite the speedy crawler now. You're really hard to keep up with sometimes. On top of that, you've decided that standing up is the way to go. You've also decided that climbing 4 or 5 stairs is fun. It's pretty amazing to watch. I lay on the floor and you crawl over to me and use me like a speed bump. You're quite coordinated for such a young age. You have good balance and you really have learned how to get over or around anything. You like it when I wrestle with you and toss you in the air.

For the last couple of months we've been going to the pool together a couple times a week. You love the water. You love to float and bounce in your inflatable seat. You splash and laugh and make faces. It's fun for me to see how excited you get when you see the pool. I really like those times with you. Usually by the time we get home you're so tired you fall asleep before your bottle is done. I have to carry you upstairs and you rest your head on my chest. It's pretty cool.

Last week we took you on your first hike to Caribou Ranch. You rode around in the backpack with me while we bounced along the trail. You did great. You got a little fussy towards the end of the hike and I had to carry you the last mile or so. You kept sniffing at me and I'd sniff back. You mimic people very well now. You always get this goofy grin when we play those games.

You're an amazing little dude and I can't wait for all the adventures we have in store together.

I love you monkey!


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