Dear Cameron - Months Eight and Nine (Whoops! Bad momma!)

Dear Cameron,

“A mother’s love for her child cannot be put into words. The only way anyone could ever understand this bond is by becoming a mother themselves.”

Oh, mommy is a bad mommy! I missed month eight! By the time I realized this, a whole month had flown by, you were nine months! Everything is going by way too quickly for me and daddy. I hope you’re enjoying every moment as we are!

The last two months have been eventful ones, again. You're always learning and changing and your dad and I are enjoying watching you learn and grow!

This is one of your best buddies, Ava. She is almost two months older than you and will be one next month on the 3rd of September. When she was born you were still in mommy's tummy, in California!!!

You are a baby of a thousand faces and you crack your daddy and I up! These are just a few one day after you had woken up in the morning. I LOVE your puffy, sleepy face look!

 You still love your baths! Now, you refuse to just sit in the tub. Instead you insist on pulling everything down within arms reach, crawling around, and trying to stand! Oy! Never a dull moment with you sweets!

If you noticed, you also grew the rest of your teeth to give you and even four on top and four on the bottom in July!
In July you went our your first "vacation." We went to Steamboat Springs to spend the holiday with your daddy's friend Jeff Kelley and his family, as well as their friends, and our friends, Kelly and Jason. You were SUCH a good baby and everyone loved you and your baby faux!

Little buddy, you crack your daddy and I up. This month you have learned how to wave bye-bye, crawl, and the art of imitation!!!  If you daddy and I click our tongue, you look at us and do it right back. Or if you "scream" and we scream back, it can go on for a few good minutes! You're SO smart and cute!

Sadly, in your eighth month, it marked the end of nursing you. I was SO heartbroken. I never though I would love nursing you as much as I did. It was OUR time. Our time to truly bond, be close, and for me to provide something to you NO ONE ELSE COULD. My goal was to make it to one year for you. I could have done it and I wanted to! But mommy's body didn't want to. In the matter of a few days my supply dropped to nothing and you were HUNGRY. What could I do? I have to work 40 hours a week and be away from you. And nursing you around the clock on the weekends just left you starving. I wasn't up for that, so we've gradually made the switch to formula. Luckily, you haven't seemed to mind one bit! You gave it up so easily. I think it was harder for me than it was for you. Oddly, with formula, you are now sleeping through the night. And while that is a blessing, I miss our midnight cuddle oh so much!

We've spent a lot of time this summer with Ava and her family. You two are going to grow up being the best of buddies. Oddly, when mommy was your age, my best friend was a little boy named Andrew. I think it's cute that your best buddy is a girl. Although, she can beat you up... She got a bit of size on you! This is you and Ava at the ArtWalk in downtown Longmont!

We've been trying a lot of new foods. You really enjoy string cheese!

Above is you and Ava at the mall. You two played and splashed in the water! Below, you and Ava had a pool date. You two are so cute together. I can't wait for you to be able to talk and play together!

This was the day you learned how to crawl! It was July 19th and you've quickly become a pro, darting around the house from room to room, and of course getting into things you shouldn't be (like dog kibbles today!).

Here you are, out to dinner with mommy, daddy, and our friend Chris at the Lazy Dog!

Cheering daddy on at his softball game...

I know we are supposed to wait for you to have your first cake on your first birthday, but I couldn't resist giving you a cupcake! You devoured it! And you should have. It was delicious!

You've learned that the best toys are things that aren't meant to be toys. You find the most joy in things like hangers, a hairbrush, you diaper cream dispenser, the bubble wand etc. 

You tried your first lollipop! You only had a few sucks though because you insisted on biting chunks off!

Everyday you're growing, learning, and getting more beautiful! You are my present from Heaven. You are so beautiful to me!

Here you are digesting (literally) your first magazine. I really do hope you end up loving to read like your daddy and I!

This last picture makes me SO sad. This is you and your Bailey dog yesterday morning. Today, our good friend Kellen came to take him to his home. You see, Bailey was mommy and daddy's first dog (our first baby!). But in the last three years he has become increasingly grumpy and had snapped and growled at your daddy and I. I was so sad to see him go today (although he will be in a great home with Kellen and his friends where he'll get a lot of attention and get to go on lots of walks). The thing I have to remind myself is how sad I would be if something ever happened to you because of Bailey. Your daddy and I were worried that you would pull on him or climb on him the wrong way and that he'd snap at you. IF that were to happen, we never would've been able to forgive ourselves. We could have waited to see what happened, but it just wasn't a risk we could take. It brings tears to my eyes to look at the picture below, because so far he was doing SO GREAT with you. You would climb over to him on his doggy bed and he would lick your hands and your head. You'd pat him and love on him, but your daddy and I sat there worried.

Cameron, these past two month have been wonderful again! You're getting SO BIG, too fast. It makes mommy's heart hurt. You've outgrown your infant carrier and are now in your big-boy car seat. You crawl and laugh and have learned to play games with us! You've learned object permanence. You drop items from your highchair and then look around to find them. It's just amazing how quickly you're learning and growing into a beautiful little boy from an adorable baby. Keep it up! Mommy and daddy are so proud of what you've accomplished already!



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