Thanksgiving in Los Angeles

This year Cameron and I were lucky to be able to spend Thanksgiving with his Grandpa Jon, Great Grandparents Rose and Michio, Uncle Sean and Megan, my cousins Lydia and Tara, and his second cousin Marshall.

We spent three days in LA and loved spending time with family.

It was the neatest thing to watch Cameron relive moments I had lived as a two year-old in my grandparents home. He got to play in the back yard and clean up with a sink-bath in the laundry room where I, my brother, my cousins, and my dad got to take baths as small children. He got to pick lemons and have fresh, hand squeezed lemonade. He played with Grandpa’s talking parrot, went to the playground I played at as a child (although it’s very sadly rundown now), and hide under the glass table in the family room. We also took him to the train museum at Griffith Park and he got to see (who he thought was) Thomas!

The only way our holiday could’ve been spend better was if Greg had been with us too. It was our first holiday separated and I hope we don’t have to do it again.

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