Dear Cameron: Month Twenty Four (You're TWO!!!)

Dear Cameron,

Guess what? You're officially a two year-old now!

In the last there’s not a day that’s gone by that you haven’t amazed your daddy and I.

In the last 12 months you’ve changed from a toddling 12 month-old, to a running, jumping, butt-bombing, independent little kid that thinks that toe lint is amazing and that “cake cakes” are the bomb! Gone are the days where I can look at you and still see an inkling of a baby. I look at you today and see a toddler. Definitely not a baby and definitely not a kid, but a somewhere in-betweener that definitely has his own opinions, likes, dislikes, and wants.

Your daddy and I are both very stubborn (we like to say “strong willed”) and this past year it has shown up in you. You know what you like and you know what you want. There’s no convincing you or bribing you otherwise. You will repeat yourself a hundred times until you get what you want. Or you will sit and shake your head until we relent and not try to get you to eat (breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, you name it). There are many instances where we look at you and say “he gets that from YOU,” and have to laugh. It’s amazing (and sometimes a little funny) to see our personalities and traits developing in you.

This year you’ve grown into the pickiest eater (or at least that’s how your daddy and I feel). A lot of people say that you’re two and you’re exerting your independence and controlling what you can. What will you actually eat? The list is short: Mac n’ Cheese (Kraft ‘blue box’ only. I tried to give you Annie’s Organic and you just gag.), yogurt, Morningstar Nuggets, “Mickey Chicky” nuggets, Annie’s Bunny Cracker Mix, chip, “cake cakes” (cupcakes), juice, fruit, fruit snacks, and sometimes cheeseburger, pulled pork, and ribs. What have you gagged on? Milk, mashed potatoes, pulled pork (yep, once you have it in your mind that you don’t like or want something, you make yourself gag), ice cream (???), bananas… you balk and gag and almost anything that isn’t processed junk. It makes me feel guilty because you either a) go to bed hungry or b) get what you choose and dictate we make you. You’ve always gotten option B.

Happy birthday my big TWO YEAR-OLD.

Mommy and daddy love you more than all the stars in the sky, and of course, to the moon and back.



Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. -Dr. Seuss

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