Here's a video I put together of our year in 2009. I guarantee 2010 
will look much different looking back at the beginning of 2011! I'll continue to place
other videos (that I post in the 'blog' section) here so that they can be found all in one place.

Cameron - Day 1 - Nov. 9th

Cameron - Day 4 - Nov. 12th

Cameron - Day 5 - Nov. 13th (In his"billi-bed")

Cameron - Day 7 - Nov. 15th

Cameron - Day 11 - Nov. 19th

Nov. 24th

Nov. 27th

Our little 'stinker.'

Dec. 4th - Tummy Time

Dec. 15th - Hanging Out

Dec. 20th - A Fussy Moment

Dec. 26th - Cool, toys!

Dec. 30th - Fighting Sleep

Dec. 31st - Good morning sleepy bug!