Who knew naming your child could be SO. DARN. DIFFICULT?

We are pretty much 100% set on Zachary Brooks for a boy. I like the name Jackson, Greg does not. I guess Jackson Brooks might sound a little too country! Lol.

For girls, I like the names: Avery, Kennedy, and Harper. For a middle name, I'd really like to use Rose. I really liked the name Addison Rose, only to be informed by my little brother via my mother, that Addison Rose is a porn star. Nice!

Like I said, who knew it was so difficult? Thank goodness for google! No porn-star babies!


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  1. Good luck with the name game!

    Your names are cute! Kennedy is my girl's name! And that is too funny about Addison Rose being a porn star! I wouldn't have known either!

  2. So funny! Harper and Kennedy were two of my top choices (along with Carly) and I wanted to use Avery as a middle name but Tim was having none of it. He thought it was too old fashioned which is funny considering he liked the name Evelyn for a middle name. WTF????

  3. @Tiffany Thanks! I guess Kennedy is OUR name now. I think it's so sweet! And thank goodness for little brothers, right? Geeze.

    @Seattle Socialite That's too funny because you know that there's no way I would've knows your alternate names! Interesting. Greg actually does like the names and the reason I like them is because they are sort of old fashioned! As for Evelyn, that is more old fashioned that the two we liked. Guys are funny!

  4. So you guys are definitely using Kennedy as your girl's name? Kennedy Rose?
    I think we'll use Kennedy Grace, if we have a girl.

  5. No, we are not for sure. I think Greg likes Avery and Harper the best. I'm up for any. I think they're all beautiful!

  6. Oh, that is funny. Yeah, Harper was my all time favorite name but Tim wasn't sold on it when we chose a first name. When I posted on FB that I was looking for a middle name for Kendall, someone suggested Harper and Avery and I mentioned that I had considered using both of them as a middle name b/c he was resistant to use it as a first name. I definitely still love the name Harper though. If we have another girl, I'm definitely going to use it and it can be OUR name. Hope you aren't one of those people like my sister-in-law that mind sharing baby names. She put a claim on the name Collin if we were to have a boy. I said, "suck it!"

  7. No, it doesn't bother me at all for two reasons. The first is because unless you're making up a name, someone else in the world has it! Second, if it were a family member (or cousin in this instance) kids think that's awesome. I don't think it has to do with copying or anything like that. If it's what you like, use it!

  8. Very true! The reason I liked the name was because I had a friend named Harper who I admire. I also have another friend whom I worked with that had a daughter named Harper. So, I definitely didn't create it. ; ) It's a beautiful name. Let's spread the joy together! : ) Ha ha!

  9. I'm late to comment but I just wanted to say those names are great! Love Harper and Kennedy. My little sister has a friend with a girl named 'Kennedi'. For the life of me, I cannot understand why she spelled the name that way! So weird.
    Not too much longer until you find out what it is! exciting.

  10. my vote's for harper. so pretty!
    also, great philosophy on sharing names. we chose "enzo" partly for it's uncommonness, but ever since we chose it people tell us at least once a week about another enzo in the world. last week dan met a pug at the gas station with the same name as our child and he thought it was pretty cool.
    anyway, harper. love it!