14 weeks!

I am 14 weeks along today!

Some books and websites said I was in my second trimester at 12 weeks, others say that today at 14 weeks I'm finally there. Either way, yay! We're a third of the way done.

A lot of people, co-workers especially, have asked if I've had any food cravings or aversions.

I can't say I've had any serious "cravings." I've been wanting to eat a lot of fruit, but that's about it.

As far as aversions, I do not want chicken! I've tried to eat it too, because it doesn't smell bad to me. As soon as I eat a bite, yuck! I thought I really, really Chick-fil-A a couple days ago. I took one bite of that sandwich and lost my appetite for the rest of the evening. It just seems so gross to me.  Any other meat is fine... just NO chicken!

I think most everyone knows at work now, well, the people that I've told. I still don't have much to claim as a baby bump, so until that decides to show up, I think I'm pretty non-obvious!

So, what's our little potsticker up to at 14 weeks?

Growing by leaps and bounds, by week 14 of pregnancy, your baby is leaping and bounding. He or she is on the move almost constantly — and those movements are a far cry from those jerky twitches of last trimester (though you won't feel any of them for weeks to come). They are now ballet-like, smooth and fluid.

Speaking of ballet, it'll be years before you'll start nagging your offspring to stand up straight — but unbelievably, he or she is doing it right now, without any prodding!  No slouch anymore, your baby's neck is getting longer, helping his or her head stand more erect. This gives your 14-week-old fetus a more straightened-out appearance.

Growth is happening on top of the head as well — by 14 weeks pregnant, your baby could be sprouting some hair (though the final color may not be determined until birth) and the eyebrows are filling in, too.
Hair growth isn't limited to the baby's head, though.   He or she is also covered with a downy coating of hair called lanugo, largely there for warmth. As fat accumulates later on in your pregnancy (the baby's fat, not yours — though that will accumulate, too), most of the lanugo will shed — though some babies, especially those born early, still have a fuzzy coating at delivery (it sheds soon afterward).


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  1. I was the same way with chicken. . .actually poultry in general. I couldn't stand it until my morning sickness went away around 19 weeks or so. And, it's totally a wives tail, but I've heard that if you crave sweets (inc. fruit) that it's a girl. Like I said, totally a wives tail but it proved to be true for me. Brina was the same way. With Jessa, all she wanted was fruit. So maybe. . .