12 weeks 6 days!

Mom and Mike left last evening after visiting for four days.

On Friday, Mom and I went to the Denver Nature and Science Museum to explore and see Body Worlds. It was mostly about the heart and the cardiovascular system, but it had a lot of interesting stuff! I was most interested in the fetus’! They had them at 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 weeks in vials, and then had the babies’ plasinated at 18, 22, 26, 30, and 32 weeks. It was amazing! I was hoping they’d have one at 12 weeks so that I could see what our little potsticker looks like in person, but oh well!

Saturday we all spent the day in Breckenridge. We had lunch at Eric’s pizza place and walked around. Mom and Mike stood on the continental divide on Loveland Pass and we took their picture at 11,000+ feet.

Sunday we all woke up early to see the Erie Hot Air Balloon launch. It was cancelled Saturday morning due to fog, so we were lucky they didn’t cancel it yesterday too! It was great and I think mom and Mike enjoyed themselves.

This morning when I came into work I read an e-mail I received from a friend. I can’t say if it’s a new friend or a friend from the past (if you’re reading, hi, hi, HI I’m so excited for you two!!!), but I found our her due date is only three days before mine and I couldn’t be more thrilled for her and her husband. I am so excited I even got teary-eyed reading her e-mail. I’ve been distracted all morning thinking about her and how we will get to compare baby bumps!!! When she announces I may be able to share a few more things I am looking forward to.

Speaking of being teary-eyed, here are my symptoms so far (possible TMI):

- sleepy (but I feel like that’s my life story!)
- gassy (another life story? J/K. It’s ridiculous how sensitive I’ve become.)
- emotional (I like rollercoaster’s, just not this one!)
- bloated (the funny thing is I look at feel more pregnant by the end of the day, when I’ve shrunken about .5 inches and am bloated, Lol.)

That’s it!

Mike and mom ordered the baby a jumperoo and a soothing noise maker. I can’t wait to get the jumperoo!!!

I guess we can now officially start the countdown to finding out whether we’re having a boy or a girl. Greg is continuously chanting “boy, boy, boy, boy,” so we’ll see how that works out! ;)

Sometime at the beginning of July, we should be able to find out. We haven’t scheduled that appointment yet, but when we do, you can be assured there will be a countdown ticker to the left!!!

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