A long overdue update…

I’ve been slacking, I know. I tend to do this. I get on a Facebook, Twitter, Blogging rampage and then it ends abruptly.

So, what’s new?

First, our little gyoza is a BOY!!! We went in for the ultrasound this past Monday, 7/19, and Greg totally saw what he was before I did. I heard a little gasp from the corner of the room, so I was wondering what I had missed. Before I could say anything, the tech announced that “it” was, in fact, a boy. What was my reaction? I laughed and smacked Greg on the knee. I just could-not-believe that we were having a boy! We were both incredibly convinced that he was a she! After the ultrasound was over, we were slightly speechless. All I could think was “holy crap, we got our boy!”

Like most expectant parents, yes, we were hoping for a healthy baby above all. However, we wanted a boy… and we are getting our boy. Second time around, I will be hoping for a girl (although I’m sure it won’t matter too much to Greg).

Today I am 22 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I can not believe that I am on the shorter end of halfway! Realistically, our little dude could arrive two weeks prior, or up to two weeks after, November 23rd. That gives us a date range of November 9th – December 7th. I’m hoping for sooner than later of course seeing that I’m a little worried about baby size. I was 9 pounds 5 ounces. I hope I do not have a baby that large! Sheesh! I’d be happy with a seven-pounder… eight maybe! This all means that I could have a minimum of 16 weeks until our little dude is here!

That means that we have four months minimum to prepare and get his room ready. Even though we know that he’s a boy now, it doesn’t change how I was going to decorate the room. I’m not looking forward to painting the ceiling (because the people that lived here before us painted it baby blue… YUCK). We also have to paint the whole room because, that too, is different shades of blue. Double yuck. 

Here's what we're working with:

You would THINK "that's fitting" in this situation, but no, not for me. I had tossed around the idea of getting the cool vinyl wall decals you can get online (I was tossing the idea of white aspen trees in the corner of the room by the window), but I think I’ve decided that I’m going to find something I like, make a transparency, stencil/draw and then actually hand paint the room myself. I think I’ll feel a lot more proud and accomplished if I do it that way for our baby.  

So, what's going on with our little dude? Today I am 22 w. 4 d. Right now he's about the size of a papaya (approximately 8 inches) and a little over a pound! Within the next four weeks his weight should double! He's been busy kicking me (and Greg too!!!). Greg will talk to my bellybutton like a microphone and the baby will kick his hand. It's just too cool!

What's going on with me? Well, I still think I've only gained maybe four pounds so far. My tummy is still small, but I no longer look like I have a "beer belly." I think I can now say I officially have a baby bump! This makes me happy. I don't have any stretch marks yet and I haven't developed linea negra. I'm hoping to avoid both!

I'll leave you with a video of our little dude kicking away this morning. If you watch towards where my shorts are tied, you can see him rolling around in there! I love it! I laugh at a minute into the video because seeing and feeling this makes me so happy. I think it's funny too!


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  1. Wow, it's incredible to see him rolling around in there!! Thanks for sharing. And I had never heard of linea negra, had to look it up. Gah. Why does pregnancy change so many things about our bodies? Aren't we doing our race a favor? Shouldn't biology *reward* us?!

  2. WOW,he sure is an active little one. I love watching your video. Thanks for sharing. Love Mom