More girl names... and I'm halfway done!!! (20 weeks)

You would THINK that because I'm blogging about girl names, that Greg and I know what we're having.

Nope... still not yet. Although I think we've both convinced ourselves that the little one is a girl.

So, for now, I'm stuck on girl names.

I thought I was set on Avery or Harper. I think now, if I had to pick between the two, I'd choose Avery Rose.

I know I mentioned Everly yesterday, but today I was thinking about Isabella. I like Isla (pronounced eye-la), but that's a big NO on Greg's list. Greg now like Kaley, but I do NOT like that name at all. It's still just too generic to me.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with common names. I have one. Greg has one. I'm not saying there's anything great about naming your child Soliel... but I do want something uncommon.

What names do you like? (Not on my list...)

P.S.) I was thinking about more boy names... I like Liam and Noah. I think they're strong male names. We know a Noah here, so that's a little weird, but who cares?


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  1. I really, really like Everly!

    Isla is our girl name. :) Although I wonder if it's a bad idea to name your kid something that most everyone will mispronounce. I've gone through a lifetime of that, so I'm not so sure I want to subject my kid to it. haha.

    I have know literally like 10 girls that have named their babies Kaylee in the past few years. My mom teaches Kindergarten and says she has had at least one or two each year for the past few years.

  2. isabella - not recommended. that was our girl name (bella baeta, perfect right?) until somebody told me about this fantastic new book series about vampires that i just had to read, and the main character just happened to be named isabella. i'm SO glad we had a boy so we didn't have to pick a different girl name. also, isabella was the #1 girl's name in 2009. sucks too, because i LOVE it!

    some other girls' names i thought of but which daniel vetoed were sofia, loia (say "loya") and olivia. might be a coincidence that they all end with ia, but i do know for sure i'm not into girls' names ending in y, i, or ie. that's just me though. i still like your harper. harper moore sounds so solid! professional and smart and not to be messed with :)

    as for boys, i know a liam and i like it. he has a brother named coen, also a cool one. both short and sweet, and strong like you said. the guy who did my last tattoo was benja, as in benjamin, and i thought that was pretty cool. normal name, uncommon nickname.

    there's a woman whose blog i once looked at who gives name advice as a hobby. i don't think she charges, but she has some insane, kitschy, disgustingly cutesy but sometimes interesting recommendations. i couldn't tell you the address or her name, but you might be able to find her through google.

    just keep us posted on your name musings! i can't wait to hear your final choice :)

  3. @Crickalou - Thanks! I thought Everly was pretty neat, but Greg shot it down because he doesn't want an Eve or Evie. I can see that. I guess because I'm not partial to nicknames, that didn't even dawn on me. Ha.

    @Lorin - When I thought of Isabella I didn't even think of the Twilight series... and I LOVE those darn books! Haha. Whoops. I'm a fan of more original, strong names. Cohen is a good one too. I might bring that up to Greg. He just loves Zachary way too much. I'm not the biggest fan, but would survive if it would make him happy! ;)