Where we're registered...

Per mom's request (she said other people wanted to know too), I have posted where we've registered for baby "stuff." I made a "page" on the top toolbar that has the links.

I have made my list and checked it twice so that nothing is duplicated. I don't need two tubs, two changing pads etc. :)

One registry is for the crib set and bedding, the other is at Target (and their prices are the same if not better than Babies 'R' Us).

One things I haven't added, but will, is diapers and wipes. I'm pretty sure I'll need those more than newborn outfits that the little one will grow out of too quickly to wear more than once!

P.S.) Greg has poo-poo'd Everly because he thinks she would be called Eve. I do have to say "eww" when I think about that. I HATE nick names!!! I want a strong name that can not be shortened. Pretty sure everyone was given their name for a reason... that reason NOT being, to be shortened into a nickname.


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  2. While I'm not a fan of Eve, I do love nicknames! Probably because I've been called all nicknames for Tiffany, my whole life. I want to make sure that our kid has a name that CAN be shortened! LoL (Which is one of the reasons that we won't use Annabelle! I love the name, but Belle, Bella, Anne, ect. are just not cute!)

    Can't wait to check out your registry! How fun!

  3. Like Tiffany, I love nicknames too, and actually do design character names (and eventually will choose a kid's name) because of what nicknames they might (or might not) get. The truth is, nicknames are unavoidable. If someone wants to give your kid a nickname, they will.

    That said, if you don't want the nickname to be based on their first name, that's totally fair. Probably means shorter names will be easier (because anything multi-syllable can be shortened to 1 somewhere). Like Anne, or Chris.

    (There are some 2 syllable names that don't really get shortened too. Like Mary.)

  4. Cute blog, Kristen! I know what you mean about too many clothes and not enough diapers. I got an overwhelming amount clothes at my shower. At least my baby girl will be well dressed!

  5. @Tiffany - Maybe I'm biased like you are. Lol. I've never had a nickname, so I'm not used to them. But Greg is Greg, he's never been Gregory. ;)

    @Kristan - I don't know what it is. I guess I'm just weird... and the minority!

    @Katie - Thanks! Your blog is pretty darn cute too. You look great, by the way! I love the pictures from your Fourth of July weekend. It looks like you and your family had a great time! I know it's hard to resist buying baby clothes when you're going to a baby shower, so you end up getting a lot, but they outgrown everything so fast. I'm hoping for diapers, wipes, and all of those true necessities!