Baby things...!

I got an e-mail from my Auntie Christy to let me know that she had ordered our baby gift and that it was on it's way! What is it that she, my uncle, and cousins got us?

She ordered the bedding set that we chose! I am SO excited. I had such a hard time finding what I wanted and this couldn't come closer to what I had imagined. I can't wait to 1) paint Baby C's room, 2) have the furniture arrive as it's back ordered right now until the 2nd of September and 3) was the bedding and put it on the crib! I want to put his room together SO badly... I want to make it just that much more real!

I wanted to add, although off topic, since a couple people have asked about "Baby C." We have shared the name with MOST family members, not all, and may keep it quiet until deliver day when he's here. His initials will be C.B.M.

What else do we have for Baby C? Not a whole lot, but I'm sure that will change once we have his room ready.

We got a jumperoo! I thought about the exer-saucer thing, but I remember LOVING my Johnny-Jump-Up and thought this might be a little bit more fun! My step-dad Mike actually ordered this for us when he was out visiting a couple months ago!

A bouncer. If I learned one thing from our friend Kelly and Jason, these things are fantastic! I can't wait to use it. Jason's dad and step-mom, Christine, got this for us this week!

How cute is he? That's a little sound soother that my mom ordered right before she and Mike came out to visit. He's so soft and stinkin' cute.

Greg's dad and step-mom also ordered something off of our registry, but we haven't received it yet. I can't wait to see what it is.

We are so grateful for all of the wonderful things family and friends have given us. We are blessed!

I feel like I'm getting bigger by the day and I know I need to put a new belly pic up since it's been over two weeks since the last one! Yikes. I'm slacking, again. Maybe tomorrow when I reach week 27 and am officially in my third trimester. Wow. I remember when I had my fingers crossed to make it to week 12, 15 weeks ago!!!

Lots of love, Kristen, Greg, and Baby C


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