Baby size...

I was two weeks late and weighed 9 lbs. 5 ozs. I don't know how long I was... I may have to consult the baby book when I'm home in California in a little over a week.

I don't know how big Greg was when he was born, but I do have him immunization record. Here are some stats...

6 weeks old - 11 lbs. 7 ozs. - 23.5 inches (Can anyone tell me what "average" weight gain is for an infant is per week?)

3 months - 13 lbs. - 25.75 inches

6 months - 17 lbs. 8 ozs. - 28 inches

9 months - 23 lbs. - 31 inches

15 months - 25 lbs. 4 ozs. - 33 inches

2 years - 30 lbs. 4 ozs. - 38 inches

Big kid?

I'm hoping Baby C gets Greg's tall, athletic genes... but geeze. Now I'm off to find one of his baby announcements. I know we have one in the house here somewhere.


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  1. Regardless of if hes short even when hes born, he may catch up to be in the top percentile per Greg, you just never know. At 2 years, you can double their height and thats what they'll be, supossedly. Mazzie was longer than Zander at birth but Zander will be no doubt taller....My hubby is 6'3" and Zander is tall, but Mazzie is said to only be 5'9 now. Yikes!

  2. wow, looks like he was a big baby! As little as I know, that's pretty big for 6 weeks. Because they drop a little weight initially, and then start to gain.

    Kenny was 10 lbs and 24 in. long at birth. That fact alone makes me totally frightened to have his child. HA! I was a week late and was only 6lb. 14oz. and 19". But, I come from a tiny, tiny mom.

    I bet baby C will be pretty big too! I joke with Kenny that he was like a toddler when he was born, that he jumped out and asked for a steak. I mean, he was two feet tall at birth! :)

    Do you guys have your original CA birth certificates? I was born in CA and mine always cracks me up. In other states (like MS) they are a full page and are meant to be kind of pretty, with scrollwork and a seal and old-English like font. My CA birth certificate it like half-page size and the top just has cut out letters that say 'CA Birth Book 805' that makes it look like a ransom note or something. :)