Wow, 24 weeks!

Today we're at 24 weeks. Wait, reality check... we have 16 weeks left... 112 days... That's coming up quickly!

This afternoon Greg got his stethoscope and tried to listen to our little dude's heartbeat, only to get kicked repeatedly!

I also had my "intake appointment" with Boulder Nurse Midwives. This appointment was more for informational purposes on their end and my end. My next appointment will be a "real" one and that is scheduled for August 13th. Yes, it's Friday the 13th. Oooooooh!

So, what is our little dude doing this week of development? This is what What to Expect says:

Your baby is about eight and a half inches long and weighs one and a half pounds, gaining steadily at a rate of six ounces per week. Much of that weight comes from accumulating baby fat, as well as from growing organs, bones, and muscle. Those little ears of hers are getting sharper and can hear very loud sounds, from a yapping dog to a jackhammer. Also by now, that fabulous face is almost fully formed, complete with eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair. Is your baby a brunette, a blonde, or a redhead? Actually, right now her locks are white since there's no pigment yet.
Learn more about your body in week 24 and fetal hearing.
We're still debating if we want to go and get a 3D/4D ultrasound, but we're still not sure if it's worth paying $150 for (since insurance, of course, does not cover it).

Anyone mommies out there that have done it? Was it worth it? Would you do it again with your next little one?



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  1. Do it! Did it with Zander and it looked just like him. Also, we got a DVD with sound of that whole appointment that will be priceless one day! We could rip photos off it as well. Didnt do it with Mazzie, and should have.