The last two (few) weeks recap... (and a video!)

As usual, I've been putting off sitting down at the computer and blogging.

I sit on the computer ALL DAY at work and it's so hard for me to sit down at the computer at home after work and especially on the weekend when it's nice outside.

So what's been going on?

I need to take new bump pictures because I am growing at an alarming rate! Hahaha. I CAN still paint my own toenails, but I can no longer see to shave. I tried the whole 'try to life the belly up, pull it to the side' deal, but that was a no go. I DO have to sit to shave my legs because I now get hip cramps if I try to prop my leg up in our teeny-tiny shower. I just have to laugh at it all because how else do you get through pregnancy? You have to have a sense of humor!

One hour glucose drink... Orange is my LEAST favorite flavor!
What else? I failed my one hour glucose screening and had to go back for the three-hour glucose test. Only one arm has a very obvious vein and all phlebotomists go for it. The works well for A blood draw, but not two or three. Well my poor left arm was stuck three times and my right arm got it twice. It was suppose to be a total of ONLY FOUR draws (fasting, one hour post, two hour post, and three hour post), but the guy couldn't get a draw on the fourth draw so he went back to my poor left arm.

I got lemon lime the second go round and it was much better than the orange! I also took the time to take pictures of the cute gauze-wrap stuff they use instead of bandaids. Cute! Hearts, dinosaurs, and bumble bees!

My "grr" face picture I sent to Greg because he was working.
I went to a good friends fundraiser for Embodiworks. If you have been affected by cancer, know someone who has been affected by cancer, or currently being affected, I highly suggest you check out their website!

Greg and I went to the Rockies game. I couldn't tell you which one because I think I've been to 10 this summer. Hey, you can't beat free tickets in a great location. (Thanks to Greg's baseball playing years!)

I caught Bailey eating his poop. NOT COOL. Is this the "I know there's a baby coming and this is my retaliation for not being the baby anymore"? He's five years old! EW.

Other than those few things, everything is going well. I'm measuring right on schedule and getting bigger by the minute!

Lastly, Baby C gets the hiccups quite often. Poor little guy! He actually had them while I was typing this blog out.

I will get some new bump pictures taken one afternoon this week or this weekend. Until then, enjoy some Baby C hiccups! ;)


Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. -Dr. Seuss

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