5 months of Cameron


The last 4 months your mom has been writing these monthly letters to you. I thought maybe, for your 5th month, I'd write you a letter and tell you all about what being your Dad has meant to me so far.

The last couple months have been an adventure for us. With your Mommy going back to work in Feb, it's been the two of us a lot during the weeks. I have to admit, it was hard at first. You'll probably be a lot like me, and quickly learn that sitting still is hard. On my days off, I like to go hiking, snowboarding, mountain biking, fishing and take pictures. When Mom went back to work, I didn't get out much. It wasn't easy for me. The good news is, we figured it out fast! You and I quickly built our routine. We worked through your ear infection and multiple little colds. We figured it out.

Here you are now, 5 months old! Now we get up and watch cartoons. You love Chuggington! You also love another cartoon with animals that don't talk, but I can't remember its name. We watch cartoons till it's breakfast time. Not long after you munch your bottle, it's morning nap time. You've become a pretty darn good napper. I have to cover your eyes with your binky so you don't wake up, but it works. Lately, after your nap, we've been going to the gym. I'm pretty sure I'm the only guy at the gym with a stroller! We walk laps, do pushups, use the TRX system, walk more laps, make faces, do more pushups, walk more laps, do lunges. We make it work. You're a good gym buddy. Someday we'll be able to workout together more than we do now. Usually after workout time it's lunch time for you. Then afternoon nap. When you get up in the afternoon, we put your in your stroller and do things! Wash cars. Mow lawns. Go for walks. Plant veggies. It's been fun. You're a great partner!

The craziest part for me in the last month has been how you've grown. You're a beast! You love to stand up with my help. You recently learned to roll over and you even grew a tooooooth! You're eating people food too! You've had peas, carrots, green beans and maybe this week, sweet potatoes. You figured out that the spoon means food, and now when you see it, you open your little mouth. It's fun. I can't wait to see how much you'll change by next month!

I love you little buddy.



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