Dear Cameron: Months Ten and Eleven

To my little Monk-Monk:

Well, it’s almost time to write your ONE-YEAR post, but it’s never too late to recap the last two months and let you know how you’ve continued to be a joy and blessing in your daddy’s and my life.

In the last two months you’ve continued to grow physically (you’re HUGE buddy), but you’ve also grown and changed so much emotionally. In the last two months you have fully developed into a little person! You have a personality and boy do you let it shine. You are quite the character.

In the last two months you’ve discovered your tongue, your nose, boogers, fear, and OH-MY-GOD… LIGHTS!!!

You discovered your nose because for the last two months or so you’ve had a runny nose. You’ve learned that you can scrunch up your nose and sniffle that snot in and out and you think the noise is funny! You’ve also learned how to wipe your boogies on your hand… that is not so funny, but rather gross. With the discovery of your nose and your tongue you’ve discovered that you can LICK your snot. Double gross little buddy. You hate the nose bulb, but it’s all I can do to keep you from doing those two gross things (that I’m sure all little boys do!). Now if daddy and I ask you where your tongue is, you stick it out at us. You are so smart and CUTE! You’re newest obsession is lights and pointing and different things and asking “that?” Anytime there’s a light, you point and so proudly say “Light! Light! Light!” Or if we ask you “Cameron, where is the light,” you gladly turn your head upward, point, and say “LIGHT!”

You like to brush your teeth or more just enjoy sucking the bubblegum flavored toothpaste off of the brush. You get SO excited when I bring your toothbrush out. It’s the only thing I can do to distract you long enough to do your hair!

Speaking of, you got your first haircut this month. You poor thing, you hated it! You sat in mommy’s lap and I gave you a sucker to distract you. Because you were SOOO squirmy, the hairdresser didn’t want to use scissors around your ears, so she opted to use the buzzers. Your daddy and I knew you weren’t going to like it, but buddy you were TERRIFIED. You would think by the way you were screaming and squealing at the top of your lungs and kicking and bucking that someone was torturing you. Well, I guess to you, that was torture. You HATE buzzing noises. Either way, your hair turned out adorable and now instead of a Mohawk, you have a faux again.

The buzzer noise brings me to your fears! Oh boy. You have learned fear! Clever boy. Oddly, you are terrified of buzzing noises, bubbles, cotton candy, caterpillars, and silicone koosh-like balls. Why you’re afraid of the most harmless things ever, who knows? I can’t help but laugh when you’re scared. It’s just so darn cute! I can’t get over your cuteness!

In September you got to go on another airplane flight to California to visit your family. You got the spend time with your Grandpa and Grandma Moore, Grandpa Kitahara, and Nana and Papa Rhodas! You also got to see mommy’s old friends Ryan and Analise, and Analise’s little girl Avery. She is exactly two weeks younger than you! You two were so darn cute together! You got to meet your Auntie Amanda and longtime family friends, the Turays. They thought you were just so cute and sweet.

You also got to go to the beach for the first time while you were in California. Your Grandpa Kitahara and mommy took you to Moss Landing after we had lunch at Phil’s Fish Market. You had clam chowder and bread and butter and LOVED it! You’ll be a little foodie like mommy one day. You were the cutest at the beach. You weren’t sure where to go, what sand was, and what to grab at first. It was quite the experience for you. It was a sensory overload for you, and your grandpa and I enjoyed watching you learn and explore the sand, wind, seagulls, seaweed and driftwood.

When we got home, daddy and I took you to one of the last Rockies games of the season. You weren’t too thrilled with it and got bored. We’re hoping you grow up enjoying baseball so that you can be daddy’s little sports buddy!

What else happened this month? We took pictures for your first birthday invitations. You received a box from our best buddies across the pond in England, Amy and Oskar. You got your first pair of big-kid shoes, some slip on VANS!

Little boy, you have grown more than I could’ve imagined you could in two months! You’ve gone from baby to full-fledged little boy! You’ve got an opinion, wants, likes and dislikes. It’s just amazing to me that you are who are! You’re no longer just a baby, you’re big baby with a whole lot of big personality! You’ve blessed us with so much knowledge, pride, happiness, and optimism! Thank you little man for being ours.



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