Dear Cameron: Month Twelve (You're ONE!!!)

Dear Cameron,

Guess what? You're officially a one year-old now!

I am still in awe that God gave you to me and daddy and that we get to be your parents. We are so lucky!

In the last year you've learned a lot! From simple things, like how to nurse... to the more complicated things like taking two steps on your own on your first birthday (daddy and I both saw it and our jaws dropped!).

Mommy learned a lot in the last year too. This past year you've taught me:

Patience - I've always had pride in the amount of patience I've had and in the past year you sure did test it (only a few times though). In the times that you did challenged mommy on tough days, you taught me to take a deep breath, press on, and smile, because everything will be okay.

Selflessness - Your Uncle Sean asked me one day "How do you know when you're ready to be a parent?" I told him that when you're ready and willing to happily put anything you want second or even third to someone elses and put a someone elses' needs above yours and their beck and call, then you're ready to be a parent. In the last year I've learned to eat my cold dinner, still in my work clothes at 8:15pm after you've gone to sleep. I've learned to go into work in the morning without makeup and unfancy hair because I would rather play and spend time with you instead of impress people in the office. Mostly I've learned that I would do anything for you. I would die for you my sweet angel.

Unconditional love - I used to think I knew what this was, but there's no doubt in my mind anymore that this is what mommy feels for you! It's not something I can really explain or put into words, but no matter what you ever do in your life, I will ALWAYS love you no matter what.

Imperfection is okay - You see that mess sitting over there? And that little bit of snot crusted to your nose? Or that little bit of your lunch stuck to my sleeve because I wiped your face with it? You've taught mommy that life is not perfect and that's okay! You've taught me to look past a lot of little things that, in the past, would've bothered me a lot. Now, I can leave that mess and the laundry can wait because spending time with you is much more important.

Don't judge - Before mommy had you, she had a list of things she swore she would and would NOT do as a parent. You've taught mommy that what works for some, doesn't work for others and to not judge those who do things differently than you.

Enjoy life - Cameron, this is one of the BIGGEST things you've taught mommy this year! Life can be complicated and hectic and busy. This year you taught mommy to enjoy the little things in life. Every day you are that little big bit of joy that just makes me smile from ear to ear. Usually it's your laugh or smile that makes mommy so happy, but other times it's the way you do something or what you've learned. Being your mommy this past year has taught me the joys of being a child again. I get to experience things through you and it's amazing. It's fun to find joy in bubbles! Or the water coming out of the tub spout. Or that Monster's Inc. is the best thing on TV!

Cameron, you are such an amazing little boy. Thank you for being ours and for teaching mommy many things that no one else could, in the way you have.

Happy birthday my big ONE YEAR OLD.

Mommy and daddy love you more than all the stars in the sky and to the moon and back.



Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. -Dr. Seuss

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