This past weekend.

Look at me! Neglecting this already. I am the worlds best procrastinator!

Last weekend was fairly uneventful.

Saturday Greg had a softball tournament and Cameron and I laid low until the afternoon. Cameron was (and still is) battling his cold, so I didn't want to take him anywhere he could infect other kiddos. Although, later that evening we went to a friends house in Longmont for Ava's 2nd birthday.

She and Cameron have been buddies since they were born. I can't believe Cameron's 2nd birthday is just around the corner! It's going by too fast. All the kids played in the backyard, had pizza, and cake. Cameron took part in batting at his first piƱata!

Sunday we spent the day having Lamar’s Donuts for breakfast and lounging around the house again. In the afternoon we went to the small park by our house and Cameron rode his bike.

I feel awful taking him to the park when he’s sick (because of other kids and germs), but I don’t like keeping him cooped up all day either. He needs some sunshine and fresh air!


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