Dear Cameron - Two Months

Dear Cameron,

Today you are two months old.

Everyday you change a little and in a month you have changed a lot!

Throughout the last month, I've taken note of things I've noticed and enjoyed about you and being your mommy.

Nursing - You are a champion nurser! I am so excited that we don't have to do bottles anymore. I feel like this is our bonding time, even though your average nursing time has dropped to about 12-15 minutes total. You are efficient and I am proud! While you nurse I love watching your hands and feet. You hands open and close against my back and chest... and your toes curl and uncurl while you nurse. I rub your back and run my finger down your nose and cheek. I hold your feet and pat your bottom.

Growth - I got on the scale the other day and weighed myself with you afterwards. According to our scale you weigh 12 pounds! I tried to measure you too and measured 24 inches, but I could be way off on both. You are such a good eater it's no wonder you're good at growing too. We'll see one day if you're going to be as tall as your daddy. I hope so! In a couple of days you have your two month check up. Mommy is terrified because you have to get four shots and one oral vaccine. I'm hoping they combine some of them so that you don't get four separate shots. I know I'm going to cry when you do. I can't help it. The only upside is that you'll get weighed and measured and we'll know for sure how much you've grown! You are close to outgrowing your three month clothes, so I'm sure it's a lot!

Smiling - You have perfected smiling at daddy and I. At first when you started smiling it was only in your sleep and you would only smile on one side of your face. Now, when you smile, your whole face is part of it! Your eyes close up and you scrunch your nose up with a smile that goes from ear to ear. It's the sweetest thing ever! I think your next step is laughing because you do it in your sleep! It's so incredibly cute and sweet sounding. I can't wait to get that first real laugh from you!

Baby talk - Just last night, daddy and I were getting you ready for bed. We were talking to you and you were "talking" back. You had tons and tons of smiles for us. Your hands and feet were waving and kicking everywhere and you had a lot to say back. You had quite a few coos and gurgles that just warmed our hearts. Daddy told me it's his favorite moment with you so far.

Baby fussies - Today you were a challenge for mommy, all day. Two days last week, you were a challenge as well, but only from 6-8pm. Three days out of two months is nothing, and I feel very lucky that you are a happy baby most of the time. While you are a challenge in one way or another each day, seeing you grow, learn, develop and change is so incredibly rewarding!

Bath time - As long as we make the water warm enough for you, you sure do love your baths! If we make the water "ideal" as your floating ducky says, it is not warm enough for you and you fuss. If we make the water "ideal" and "hot" you are one happy camper. You kick your feet and splash around iwth your hands. Most of the time you get so relaxed that you poop in the tub. It doesn't bother me much to empty the water, but it makes daddy gag. He hates poop. I guess he's going to need some practice for when mommy goes back to work!

Mommy going back to work - As of this coming Monday, I have a little less than three weeks left at home with you. Every time I think about not being home with you all day, I cry. It makes me so sad. Some mommies don't mind going back to work as they feel like it's a nice "break" away from baby and they get the adult interaction they need. They like going back to work and don't shed a tear. Other mommies, like me, don't want to go back to work and leave their babies. Some of these mommies cry like mommy's friend Ana, who had to leave her baby at home for the first time to go back to work this week. Mommy is dreading that day and knows there are going to be lots of tears shed.

Nicknames - In the short time you've been here, you've accumulated a lot of nicknames. The one that is starting to stick is monkey and that's thanks to daddy. I like to call you Bug, which is normally preceded by love, hungry, sleepy etc. I also call you Punkin, like my dad still calls me! You're also Sweets and Love. You're all of those wonderful things to mommy and daddy.

Cameron, you are my sweet, sweet boy. I love watching you learn and grown and change every day. I love pretending to nibble your toes. I love kissing your cheeks and your neck. When you're asleep, before I put your down in your crib, I give you kisses and smell you. You smell so sweet. I always want to remember that sweet baby smell on you. I love your chicky fluff hair (even though it's all falling out!). My love grows for you every day and there's nothing I won't do for you.

I can't wait to watch you grow up in a fun, goobery, slobbery baby... I know it's coming soon. No matter how much you grow, you'll always be my baby.



Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. -Dr. Seuss

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