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I don't post on Kristen's blog much, mainly because she does a fantastic job, but I thought today was a good day to add something.

Tomorrow the little monkey will be 8 weeks old. 2 months have flown by. It's been amazing to see him change a little everyday. He's starting to smile on purpose. He seems to recognize us and we get brief little smiles in the morning and after naps. He's working on getting on his own schedule, and his eating/sleeping times have been fairly similar for the last week. He's starting to use his hands in a more purposeful manner, and was even batting at his toys while we cooked dinner on New Years eve. He's amazing in every sense.

More amazing than Cameron is Kristen. She carried this little guy for 9 months. Gave up sushi. Didn't eat sandwhiches with lunchmeat. Didn't have a glass of wine or a beer. She did a fantastic job before he even arrived. By all standards, her pregnancy and delivery were "easy". I would never say delivering a baby is easy, but in the grand scheme of things, this could have been a lot harder.

In the 8 weeks since, she has been nothing but incredible. Learning all the little things she can about the monkey, and how to keep him happy. She has worked hard to get him to breast feed (which he does so well now, and that means I sleep). She gives him baths, keeps him warm, changes diapers, and talks to him all the time. Yes, I help, but for an 8 week old, there isn't a ton Dad can do just yet. The last few days he's gotten into a pattern of being fussy from 6-8pm. Supposedly 6-8 weeks is the peak of fussy time for newborns. We'll see. Kristen tries and tries to calm him down and last night it didn't work at all. She put him down and let him cry, while she too got a good cry in. 5 minutes later, both still wet with tears, she picked him up out of his crib, and what does he do? Goes to sleep. Yup. 5 minutes of crying after 2 hours of screaming and one little cuddle from Mom and he's out. I don't know how she does it, but she's stronger and more patient than me. I admire her for that. In the next few weeks he should really start getting used to his routine and sleeping for longer periods. I can't wait for that, because that means K will sleep longer and not be worn out all the time.

I'm excited to watch him grow and change, and I can't wait for him to be more interactive with the world and us. He's incredible, but not as incredible as his mom.


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