Dear Cameron - Month Four

Dear Cameron,

Today you are four months and three days old. Yes, I’ve been slacking since this past Tuesday and am three days late for your letter. You were 15 days early, so we’ll call it even, okay? ;)
On your four month birthday, you had your four-month check up and immunizations. In two months, since your last appointment, you’ve grown 2.5 inches and gained 2.5 pounds! You are my growing little monkey and making your daddy and I so proud. Daddy and I both took you, like we have for most of your doctor’s appointments. Daddy held you while you got your shots again, because mommy is still a wimp. You cried a lot more for these shots than you did before. It made mommy so sad for you. The rest of the day, like before, you napped a lot. You and I took a nap on the big bed and got some good snuggles in.

This past month you have developed so much. You are excellent at tummy time. You no longer push your face into the ground and scream until we pick you up. You’re now happy to look at your toys and chew on your crinkle puppy for five minutes or so. You’ve also become very good at sitting in your Bumbo chair. When we first got it, just about a month ago, you were a slouchy, wobbly baby. Now, you sit up and seem to really enjoy the new view you have. What fun is being on your back and staring at the ceiling anyway? I put your Jumperoo together and you’re starting to enjoy that too. Your toes barely touch, but you like to listen to the music and watch the lights blink when you make yourself bounce. I think we’re going to buy you a Johnny JumpUp for upstairs! We don’t swaddle you to sleep anymore at night and you’re still a fantastic sleeper. You get up once to eat and then go right back to sleep. Your legs are getting super strong too. You like to stand up if daddy or mommy hold your hands. You get a HUGE smile and giggle. Checking yourself out in the mirror is now one of your favorite things to do too. I always ask you if you want to go see the cutest baby ever. As soon as your see your reflection you smile at yourself. It’s the cutest thing ever. I’d probably smile at myself too if I was that cute! You’re starting to become ticklish too! Mommy just discovered this two days ago chewing on your tummy. You laughed and squealed SO loud it hurt mommy’s ears. Regardless, it was a beautiful sound! :)

We had one bad thing happen this month; you got your first ear infection. Daddy and mommy knew something was wrong when you went from your happy, content self, to a fussy, inconsolable, nursing fighter. On top of an ear infection that you got antibiotics for, the antibiotics upset your tummy and gave you poops that burnt your poor little bottom. We just couldn’t win those 10 days you were taking that awful bubblegum flavored junk.I couldn’t wait for it to escape your system. Since then, you’ve struggled with nursing and it hurts mommy’s feelings. I feel rejected by you, you little booger. Still, we push on and things are getting better. I’m not ready to give up nursing you just yet. I enjoy our special cuddle time! And you enjoy fast meals from your bottles.

You are one happy baby, my sweet lil' guy. You only start to fuss when you get sleepy, and then it's still only fussing. All you need to make you happy is to be put in your crib with your pacifier and binky, and you put yourself to sleep. That part is pretty amazing too. If you're tired, you're happy to be put down, not be held, and drift off to sleep. When you wake up, you grunt and talk, you don't cry and scream. I hope you always stay this sweet!

Everyday I'm at work, I can't wait to come home and be with you. The weekends with you are what get me through the week. I look forward to our snuggles and cuddle time, your smile, giggles, cooing, talking, and our bathtime routine.

Cameron, you are one sweet baby and I don't think your daddy and I could have been bleesed with anyone sweeter. Keep it up. You're our little love.



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