How do you make perfect, twice?

It’s probably a little premature to be thinking about this, but I’m pretty positive that one day I’d like to give Cameron a sibling. Being that I was an only child for almost nine years before my little brother, Sean, arrived, I feel it’s very important for Cameron to have a sibling close to his age.

It makes me wonder though… How do you make perfect twice?

Let me explain – While nursing Cameron last night, I got to thinking about how becoming a mommy to Cameron has been the most challenging and rewarding experience of my life thus far. I looked down at this sweet, amazing, smart, beautiful, growing, precious, and of course perfect little guy in my arms that I love more than I thought I could ever love anyone or anything, and wondered… How do you duplicate this or more precisely, these feelings?

If your first child is perfect and you them love more than anything ever, where does the perfection in your eyes and even more/equal love come from for a second, third, or fourth child? I have these bigger-than-life emotions and feelings for Cameron, I just can’t quite wrap my head around the idea of how you do it for another child.

So, mommies of more than one… How do you do it? It sounds so silly to ask, but how does it work? Is your next baby just as perfect? Just as amazing? And do you love them in the same ways you loved your first?

I’m not good at wording things, so I’m sure this sounds weird… but I’m curious. :)


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