Dear Cameron - Month Six (Mother's Day 2011)

Dear Cameron,

You are six months old today! Do you know what that means? It means you’re halfway to your first birthday, growing up way too quickly, and making mommy a little sad in the process. I don’t know where my little itty-bitty has gone!

This month, like usual, was an eventful one for you!

You had your Nana Rhodas and Grandma and Grandpa Moore come to visit you. You’ve had multiple visits from you Auntie Kate. She loves you so incredibly much!

You learned how to roll over both ways! You’re a pro at getting out of tummy-time and rolling to your back. You’re so proud of yourself when you do. You always have a very satisfied smile on your sweet little face when your back is again to the ground. You learned how to then roll back over to your tummy, but your daddy and I didn’t get to see that first, Ms. Erin did. Mommy was a little disappointed, but it’s okay. You roll over for me now.

You’ve been exploring the world of real food! At first I just gave you rice cereal and you hated it! So, we moved on to bigger and better things, fruits and veggies! You LOVE peas, squash, green beans, carrots, and apples with blueberries. You HATE sweet potatoes, apples, and baby food bananas. You enjoy real bananas that I mash up for you though. You’re an excellent eater, usually eating the whole bite I give you and not spitting much out. We finally got you your highchair and one day, you decided you were afraid of it. It only bothered you that day and now you're fine. Mommy got quite a laugh.

Your daddy and I have started signing to you and we think you’re beginning to understand the sign for ‘milk.’ You get excited when we sign for milk and open your mouth. Your daddy and I plan on continuing to sign to you since they say babies, like you, can learn to sign to communicate long before you can speak. If you can communicate to us what you want, we’ll all be happier!

You also grew TWO teeth this month. See? Where did my lil’ itty bitty go? Your first one came through when your nana was here and the second one popped through shortly after. You were a champ! While you didn’t cry or fuss, and kept a smile on your face, you kept mommy up a lot during the night. You used to be an excellent sleeper, getting up only once sometime between one and two in the morning, and then sleeping until morning. The past couple weeks, you’ve woken up close to every two to three hours. Mommy is exhausted, but always happy to tend to your needs. Last night, you returned to your sweet, sleeping slumber pattern. I hope it sticks around for a while.

You had your first Easter and got to visit the creepy Easter Bunny at the mall. It’s a rite of passage for kids. I’m glad we got an adorable picture of you this year, because next year, I have a feeling you won’t be as happy to see that creepy bunny!

You also  learned how to blow raspberries! Daddy and I think you're so funny!

Every day you are learning something new, challenging your daddy and I, and making our hearts fill with more love than we had ever imagined. You’re a wonderful, happy, gorgeous, sweet baby. You’re so good!

Here’s to making it a half year on this wonderful planet.

I love you.



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